Monday, May 2, 2011

This, That, & the Other...

Hi everyone..well, Its been a while since I've had something to blog about. I've been a bit behind for two reasons, the first is, I bought the wrong color spray paint & well, the main reason is, I've been enoying this wonderfully warm weather. Its been a long time coming. I know I shouldn't complain, I live in California, after all, but I thought the rain would never end. I'm glad we're in for sunny weather from now on. Sorry to those of you that are still dealing with wet roads, and soggy grass!

So this is what I've been up to..nothing major, but I am working on stuff little by little...

First off, the husband and I finally got around to installing the outdoor lights on the back door.

This is the before

This is my husband installing the first light so that I would know what to do for the next light

This is the one I installed (all by myself) ok, so I know that this picture doesn't really prove that I did it myself, but I really did. :o)

So pretty, and best of all, I no longer trip over the sand mound (another story for another day) when I take out the trash..BONUS! lol!

Also I've been collecting plates to creat a plate gallery in the dining area of the kitchen. Here's what I have so far...

I'll be spray painting them with Krylon's Dove White (I think) soon as I find that last missing piece (for the top right corner) I'll be spraying them &  hanging them up..oh, and I also need to remember to order the disc hangers. Does anyone know if they work well on textured walls? Hope so!

I also hit a few garage sales this weekend, but didn't find anything so exciting. Bummer, but TODAY, Monday of all days was a good "hunting" day. I was having a kind of "sad" day today, no real reason for it, but since I needed some alone time, I hit a Goodwill store that I hardly ever get to go to because its a bit out of my way. I was strolling along and I found this...

$10 bucks! Can you believe it?? Sad day over..I was excited! Time to get creative! Now, I can either make it match my other chair or I can get some new funky fabric..that would mean painting the frame..ah, decisions, decisions!

We'll see what happens!

Did you find a treasure this weekend or when you least expected it? Let me know in the comments. I read them all (though I haven't figured out how to reply to them..sorry)

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