Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Temptation Island..

So as I mentioned in the last post I needed one more plate to complete my plate gallery. Today I went on a plate finding mission. Easy right? So I thought, but I was WRONG! So wrong...don't get me wrong, I did find a plate. Two in fact. (wow, that was three "wrongs", now four in a row)

But what went wrong was that I was extremely tempted by everything else in the store. I really mean everything...

I went to the Salvation Army on North Main Street in Salinas. Boy was that a mistake. You see I seem to be addicted to...CHAIRS...beautiful, neglected, recently donated..CHAIRS!

Like this one...

I wanted this chair SO BAD!! I sat in it. I wiggled its loose little arm, caressed its smooth shapely legs, walked behind it, walked around it...and in the end..I walked away from it..so sad...You see the problem is that I already had yesterday's chair in my back seat

Now, granted this chair doesn't have as much character as today's, but I can already see how it will bloom into the perfect chair for my new craft room. So I HAD to leave today's chair behind. I loved it & saw the potential, but it just didn't "fit" with the style of my home & I'm just not ready to start selling things yet.(I'm hoping to get there soon, though)


That wasn't all though..

Here are some other things that I wanted to toss in my car tempted me..

Of course..another chair

It was missing its cushion, but that wouldn't stop SUPER BLOGGER! should be an easy fix (for someone that knows how to make cushions of course (so NOT me...lol)

There were so many great items at Salvation Army today which is a bit surprising actually because usually I have trouble finding one thing..anyway keep looking they had more...

I really wanted this table too, but as some of you know, I just can't redecorate the way I want right now, so major purchases have to wait..I think this would have been awesome in black though..can you see it?

Another cute little thing was this magazine rack...a little bright yellow spray paint would spruce it right up..

and this little $4 sewing box was too cute

Makes me wish I knew how to sew, then I could say I needed to buy it for all my sewing stuff..see I don't even know what "sewing Stuff" would include..hopeless, I tell ya!

Now these were just so interesting..I think they were even worn, apparently by a VERY tall, BIG footed man..or woman..poor thing

That's right..WOODEN CLOGS...in Salinas..hmm..who knew??

Well, like I said I didn't leave empty handed. I did buy two little plates for my gallery (which you'll see later) and a wooden utensil holder that you will also see later...

So that's it. After I left I was still thinking about that first chair...I sat in my car for a bit & then I went to put gas & was still thinking about it...actually putting gas is probably another good reason for not buying that chair...that chair was only $10 but gas was..

and I wasn't even on empty ( I consider "empty" to be when my little gas pump light shows up on my dash)  anyway gas prices are a national problem, so I'll get off that and jump into a personal problem...

I must admit..I was completely torn while I was at the store..and I really did need help. I sent details of my plight out on Twitter, but sadly none of my followers were interested in responding. (@greengableart) did respond later, but I had already left the store sans chair.

What I think I need are some blogger followers.

I need people that are going to understand the urgency that is felt when you just aren't sure what to do in a thrift store. So if you think you want to take on my "issues" (kidding of course) feel free to follow me on Twitter @agirlandherhome. I need you, my people! My blogging sistas!

Stay tuned for that plate gallery..its coming soon..thanks for reading & I hope to see you on Twitter...


  1. I know exactly HOW YOU FEEL!! I have been going thrift shopping only to find an end table for my daughter and I am like, I wanna redo that, I wanna reupholster that.. but then I am like what will I do with it?? :) It's just so fun though!

  2. That was a cute chair, you have some good will power :0) I know how you feel, I get myself into trouble on craigslist..so I just try to stay away!..it's so hard though..I'm addicted to chairs also, lol.

  3. I'm addicted to re-doing chairs as well. I have 3 sitting in my garage at the moment but I'm always checking Craigslist and Goodwill for new options. :)