Monday, March 21, 2011

Semi No-Sew Pillows

I should start this post by saying..I DO NOT SEW...really, I don't..I am a bit ashamed of that fact and I wouldn't mind learning, I just haven't made any moves to actually learn. Pathetic, I know, but the fact is that I don't and it never really truly bothered me until...I needed pillows for the small couch in the bar room.

I did try to buy pre-made pillows. Lots of places have them..the thing is..they are pricey...and paying mega bucks for throw pillows just wasn't in my plans.

I realized I would have to make my own. I let myself ponder that thought for a while because as I said before, I do not sew. Then while watching one of the many DIY Network or HGTV shows (I can't remember which) I saw one of the designers make no-sew pillows out of cloth napkins..just what I needed..personally I think the DIY Gods were answering my pillow prayers.

I found these pillows at Target for $8.99 for a pack of two. Not bad...

I know I could have stopped there & had pillows that were "good enough"..I didn't want good enough..I wanted AWESOME! I knew I needed a cool funky printed napkin.

Everyone knows that when you want cool looking napkins, you go to World Market. I found napkins with a great red & brown print, but I didn't want the pillows to be too busy looking so I chose to have a solid brown side to go with the printed side. World Market didn't have what I wanted, but I found a great textured brown napkin at Target.

Love that print! Next, I hit Beverly's Fabric to get the "Steam-a-Seam" fusible tape. While at the store I looked all around for a zipper or buttons that I could use to close up the fourth side of the pillow. I wanted the pillow cases to be removable so that I could wash them. I just couldn't find something I was happy with & then I found VELCRO circles. DING! I love an easy fix! They had a sticky back so I knew that would work.

I took all my supplies home & got to work. First I "sewed" the seams with the fusible tape

Basically you cut a strip of tape the length of the side of the napkins. Put the tape between the napkins and iron the seams. Your iron should not be set to the highest setting and you should only leave the iron in one spot for no more than 3-5 seconds. (better yet, read the back of the box)

After the seams were put together on three sides of both pillow covers I put the Target pillows in the cases and closed the fourth side of the pillowcases with the Velcro circles.

I will admit that I thought..TA-DA!! DONE!! and they did stay that way for months a few days...

Then I noticed that the sticky Velcro back only lasts for so long...bummer!

So I was forced to pick up a needle & thread. I added a very small stitch on each circle..fuzzy side & poky side too (technical terms, I know). I closed them back up & success!

Now I could really say..DONE!!

Don't they look good??

Here's a close-up...

Yup, I sure do love that print...I love World Market (World Market has not paid me to say that)
(Dear World Market CEO, I'm willing to let you pay me to say that...FYI)

Here's another great World Market Cloth Napkin pillow..I love love love this print too!!

Have you made your own no-sew or semi no-sew pillows..I'd like to see them!

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