Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who's on Deck? or Rather, WHAT'S on Deck?

Happy SPRING!!!

Oh, I've been waiting to say that for, well, it seems like forever! I was so sick of the rain..and yes, I recognize that I didn't have it as bad as others did this winter, but I still think I have the right to bitch complain express my anyway, I'm glad that it was over 70 degrees today and that I can sit here at 9pm with my bedroom window open...ahh, the lovely breeze...

Another thing I love about Spring is BASEBALL season..Woo Hoo!!  GO GIANTS!!

World Series Champion Giants!

Wooooo Hooo!! (Let me gloat, will ya...this is their first championship in San Francisco...and it might not happen again for a while I want to enjoy it)

I can't wait to head over to AT&T Park and cheer for my boys this season.

Nothing better than sitting in the stands eating a Giant Dog & sipping a beer lemonade...I'm not a beer drinker, but that's OK, I enjoy the game with or without a brew...

So anyway all this baseball talk got me thinking about my on deck circle. There are many projects on my roster and I hope to hit a home run with them all...I know there may be some strikes in there, but I hope to not strike out... are you sick of the baseball terms, yet? no? Yes? OK, enough, I'm done...I think

So with that is my "to do" list in photos..PLEASE don't judge me...remember these are my BEFORE pictures... 

We'll start with an easy one..I need to spray paint this mail holder with the ever so wonderful Oil Rubbed Bronze by Rust-oleum

Next up are these cute little hooks I got from Michael's Craft Store. They were only a buck. I think they will be a cute addition to our closets. "B" on my side & "H" on the husband's...I'm going to paint them the same color as Grandma's dresser.

I think I should have taken the "B" out of the wrapper before taking this picture..oh, well!

From here the projects get a teeny bit bigger. I really have to get to this spice cabinet. It's a lie

"If you don't use it, get rid of it"..this should be my mantra when I start this project

ugh, so gross...its OK, the first step is recognizing you have a problem, & trust me, I definitely recognize my problem...

Next up to bat...yeah, I didn't think I was really mother-in-law had these chair cushions on the breakfast table in the kitchen. They are a bit old so my plan is to get rid of them give them a makeover...this should be interesting since some of you may recall from my "semi no-sew pillows" I don't, at all! Hmm. well I'll think of something...

Flowers? South Western? What is that pattern?

Now, are you ready for the monster project?

The project I've come so close to hiring out?

The project that stares at me with its ugly '70s stripes & says, "you can't do this" "you shouldn't even try"...

This nightmare of a chair needs some re-upholstering..badly...

So not '70s retro..more '70s yucko..
It looks innocent just sitting there doesn't it...

It taunts me...


So tomorrow as the Giants take on their rivals...I will be taking on mine as well.

Stay tuned...I could...go.. all.. the..waaaay....(OK, definitely the last baseball reference)

Wish me luck!

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