Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday = Weigh In Day

Mondays have always been on my sh*t list.

They signify the beginning of the work week and the death of the weekend...So why would I choose to do weigh ins on Mondays??

What was I thinking??? Weekends are the days that I tend to not be as vigilant with my calorie counting & weekends are when "special occasion" dinners you would think that I would realize that weighing in on Mondays is just setting myself up for failure...well, I happen to be a little OCD & Mondays start the week, so Mondays it is!

I also work out with my trainer Monday me a glutton for punishment...smh!!

So that is Monday...and I did weigh in today... I now weigh 1.2 pounds more than last week...ugh!

I did it to myself... Saturday night was "double date" night. My husband & I went to have dinner with my sister & brother-in-law. We ended up at Alexander's Steakhouse.

I ordered a 10oz Fillet Mignon & we ordered sides for the table... Alexander's treats you well while you are there. There was a complimentary amuse bouche, we ordered delicious oysters, complimentary edamame, and so many other yummy things... I tasted everything!

In my defense, I had prepared my calorie count for the day. I had a filling breakfast & a satisfying lunch, so even though I had that huge meal on Saturday, I only came in 55 calories over my goal.. how is that possible??

I had worked out earlier in the day & worked off 838 calories at the gym...

Friday night & Sunday night were a different story... I had McDonald's for dinner on Friday night... I had originally planned on having a nice healthy dinner, but I got distracted & by the time I thought of dinner, I was tired & hungry...and McDonald's is only 5 blocks from my house... so easy & SO NOT WORTH IT...but I did it anyway...

Sunday night my husband wanted Burger Queen (not a typo..there actually is a Burger Queen in town)...I went in thinking I'd order a chicken sandwich, no fries...I came out with a Queen burger with cheese & fries...NO FREAKIN' WILL POWER...the bad thing is I didn't even enjoy it & I felt guilty afterward..translation = also NOT WORTH IT!


So now the game plan is to use that weekend as a lesson... I need to make better choices... channel that guilt into energy during my workouts & plan ahead for meals so that I'm not left floundering at dinner time with a growling belly... So that was my weigh in...let's hope I have a better story to tell next Monday...

Have a great week all...make smart choices!!!


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